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HTML Clean-up Tab

The HTML Clean-up tab presents options for invoking the HTML clean-up utility. You do not need to have MS Office loaded on the server for this function to be available.

The options presented allow you to select the conditions under which the utility will run. You can also configure the detail level of the messages provided by the utility. The Allow submission with warning and/or errors, when unchecked, supresses display of the "Continue" option in the message box shown to users during paste, file upload, or form submission. With no option to continue, contributors must fix the code whenever a Tidy error or Warning is displayed.

Use the Disabled Tags field to disable specified HTML tags for security reasons. Any content entered in the HTML view or pasted into the RTE with these tags will be parsed and the specified tags will be removed. Defaults to frame, iframe, and script tags.

Note: If the options for the HTML Tidy utility and the Microsoft Office HTML Cleanup utility conflict, the MS Office version takes precedence.


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