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General Tab

This tab gives you fine controls for enabling or disabling HTML editing within the Rich Text Editor. You can show/hide or set default display for the HTML editor based on whether the page uses style sheets. You can also override these settings for specific groups. Use these settings to implement your site's editing policies. For example, you might restrict HTML editing for all contributors, but enable it for webmasters or designers. See Text Handling in CommonSpot for more information.

You can also control which styles are available for authors and editors.

HTML Editing

These options control the visibility of the Rich Text Editor's HTML toolbar button , which allows contributors to directly edit HTML code.

Style Options

These options determine which class names display in the Rich Text Editor when Cascading Style Sheets are enabled. There are two options for the Style Options:

Note: The option for Use Stylesheets from the Page currently has no override option and all registered classes will be displayed within the RTE.


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