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Example Site Configuration

Under CommonSpot without the Static Content Generation Module, the entire site would be dynamically served from a single sub-domain (, as shown below.

With Static Content Generation, two web servers, and, which are represented by the two dotted-line rectangles below, separately serve dynamic and static pages.

The dynamic server can render each page, including all of the static pages, since static pages on the dynamic server are just ordinary CommonSpot pages. There should be few or no requests for static pages on the dynamic server, as pages on the dynamic server that link to pages in a static state point to the static version of the page on the static server. Links to dynamic pages point to the dynamic server.

Static server files are either flat HTML versions of pages or pages that redirect to the dynamic server. As on the dynamic server, all links to dynamic pages point to the dynamic server, while links to static pages point to the static server. Redirect files are necessary to handle the case of bookmarks to pages whose state changes from static to dynamic, or the case of users directly changing URLs to point to a dynamic page on the static server.

Note: The two HTTP server instances may be on the same server or on separate servers.


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