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Default & Enforced Keywords

Use this dialog to define a standard set of keywords for subsite pages, uploaded documents, registered URLs, and images. The Site Administrator can separately enable keywords for each of these objects through Page Creation/Properties UI settings. By default, keywords are available when creating or editing any of these content types, and the Select Keywords option displays to authors in the Standard Properties dialog.

Enforced keywords are non-modifiable terms associated with every object for which they are defined.

Default keywords display to authors as modifiable entries in the Select Keywords dialog during file creation, upload, or editing. Define the set of keywords authors and editors are most likely to use, to save time during page creation and to establish a consistent classification structure.

Please note the following:

Enforced keywords are taken into consideration when running Page Index queries. Enforced keywords are appended to pages in the order specified after any page-specific keywords. Keywords are case-sensitive on all database platforms.

Enforced Page Keywords: Create or change a comma-delimited list of terms to always include as <meta> tags in the <head> section for pages, or click the Select button to choose from existing keywords. The Select Enforced Keywords dialog displays.There are no default keyword terms defined for the subsite in the example above.

Default Page Keywords: Default Keywords are similar to Enforced Keywords except that authors can add, modify, or remove them. Create or change a comma-separated list, or click the Select button to choose from existing keywords. The Select Enforced Keywords dialog displays The  dialog displays. The example above shows a set of default keyword terms defined for the subsite.

Defining either enforced or default keywords gives you options for applying them to child subsites (if any).

In subsites below:  A dropdown list of options for handling keywords in lower level subsites.  Use this feature to automatically propagate keyword changes to child subsites.

Pick from the following options:


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