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Connection Validation

When you click Save to submit  Static Site Settings, CommonSpot generates preliminary static content and validates the URLs local to the server running the dialog. If you are saving authoring server settings for a replicated site, CommonSpot validates the URLs entered for the Test Static and Test Dynamic server and serves content from the location specified in the Local Static Directory field.

On the replication target server, CommonSpot validates that the Public Static and Public Dynamic URLs are served properly for the Local Static Directory.

If validation fails for any URL, CommonSpot displays a warning and lists URLs it believes are incorrect.

If you receive this warning, double-check the URLs included in the report. You can check whether you have configured the http server correctly by copying an html file into the Local Static Directory and browsing to the file via the static URL with the test file name appended (for example,


Clicking the Refresh Status button retests the connection. Clicking Close cancels the initial Static Site Generation process, and is not recommended. Clicking on Back button will allow you to go back to the initial directory configuration dialog and make necessary changes. If you are aware of the connection problems and want to make changes at a later time, you can use the Ignore button to bypass the tests and proceed with the preliminary content generation.


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