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Cache/Static Settings for Static Sites

Use this dialog to set cache (temporary storage) behavior for the current page, to improve performance for processing-intensive pages, or to handle performance if the page becomes dynamic (see Page Performance). Instead of re-fetching or recomputing original data for each request (dynamic state), you can render the page from local server-side data (static state).

This dialog reports current state information for the page.

Caching options vary based on state, whether the page is cacheable, whether Static Content Generation is installed/enabled, and whether any global caching defaults are in effect through Site Administration. See Site Administration - Properties/Settings - Cache Properties.

When Static Generation is not enabled or the page is not cacheable, CommonSpot displays an informational message detailing the reasons content cannot be cached, for example:

These settings and the list of reasons apply to published pages only. They do not display for content that is work in progress.  The message in the example below displays for a page that was published and is now inactive.

When Static Generation is enabled and the page contains non-cacheable elements, CommonSpot displays an informational message detailing the reasons why one or more elements must be dynamically rendered.

The example below shows options displayed when Static Content Generation is installed and enabled, for a page with no dynamic content.

Complete the following fields.

Serve this page from Static Server  

Pick from the dropdown.  



Never - Generates all page elements for each page request.


Cache Dynamic Content

Users pick from the dropdown.

Stale Cache Handling

You can optionally configure CommonSpot to serve recently expired (“stale”) cache to reduce or eliminate delays in delivering content to site visitors. This feature enables you to set whether and how long to serve stale cache at the site, template, or page level. Administrators configure site-wide settings for handling Stale Cache through Site Admin - Site Properties / Settings - Cache Properties.

Use this dialog to customize settings at the individual template or page level. Additional options are available for sites with Static Content Generation installed. (See Static Content Generation.)

Once CommonSpot detects that content stored in cache is stale, cache is for that page is automatically queued for regeneration through a background process that updates all stale content.

Pick from the dropdown to indicate how CommonSpot should handle this page when it detects stale content. Choosing Never generates this page dynamically. Stale cache is not generated in the background, but is rebuilt for each page request. Selecting this option may result in a performance hit for site visitors, but content will always be current.

Choosing any other option serves site visitors stale content, if stale cache exists and the cache is not older than the time period specified. Visitors may not see the latest content, but page rendering times improve. Updates depend on site-wide, template-level, or your custom settings.


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