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Full Text Search

CommonSpot supports the open source SOLR search engine interface used by ColdFusion to perform full-text search queries.  Whenever new changes are published on a page, as long as full-text search indexing is enabled for the site/subsite, and the page configuration does not exclude it from indexing, CommonSpot automatically indexes the entire page through the available search engine.  CommonSpot site administrators create and manage collections, as appropriate, and assign sites and subsites to specified collections.

CommonSpot makes it easy to create, view, assign, remove, and optimize search collections at the site and subsite levels, including one-click sorting by status, name, or search directory location and batch assignment of collections. CommonSpot also includes one-click regeneration and optimization, as shown above. 

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At the subsite level, you can review the number of subsites using a specific collection. See Search.


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