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Add Render Handler

Access the Add Render Handler dialog from the Manage Elements dialog (see Defining Render Handlers).

For existing render handlers, this dialog displays in edit mode, as shown above, and contains the following fields:

Name - Required. Enter a unique name for the render handler.

Description - Optional. A text explanation of render handler function. Describe what the render handler does so that authors know which render handler to use. Text entered here displays in the Description column of the Element Render Handlers dialog.

Rendering Type - Required. Whether the render handler is written in ColdFusion or XSL.

This setting controls whether the following field defaults to Rendering Module for ColdFusion modules, or XSL Transform, for XSL files.

Rendering Module/ XSL Transform - A pointer to the render handler source-code module.

Existing Modules/Transforms: Default. A dropdown displaying a list of modules currently available in the CommonSpot /sitename/renderhandlers/ directory

Explicit Module/Transform: When selected, displays a text field for entering an explicit pointer to the module. Supply a valid path name.

Properties - A group of fields that define render handler attributes.

Display Menus - By default, Layout and Font & Color properties do not display as options for developers coding render handler modules. You can give developers the option of adjusting rendering based on these properties, or use Display Menus settings to provide additional options to authors with design privileges. If enabled, settings made through these options are passed to the render handler.

Layout Properties: When checked, layout properties display as an option for defining output render handling. Defaults to unchecked.

Font and Color Properties: When checked, font and color controls display as options for defining output render handling. Defaults to unchecked.


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