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Add Display Template

Use the Add Display Template dialog to define a rendering format option for Custom Element data. The dialog displays in edit mode for existing elements and has three tabs, as shown below.

Access this dialog from the Site Administration dashboard by expanding the Elements item in the left panel. Click Elements to display the Manage Elements dialog, click a Display Templates link for a selected Custom Element. The Element Display Templates dialog displays. To view or change an existing display template, click the associated edit icon.

To create a new display template, click Add Display Template.

Edit Tab

Use the Edit tab to create display template formatting using the Rich Text Editor.

Within the Rich Text Editor you can add a combination of HTML and form field value placeholders to build up the display template for the Custom Element. The Rich Text Editor operates just like the standard one used for the Formatted Text Block Element. Any HTML can be added into the block for presentation to the client browser.

Sample Data Tab

Use the Sample Data tab to preview the form as end users see it when entering data for an instance of the Custom Element and to preview fields populated with data, as shown below for the Chapter Home Page display template.

Preview Tab

Use the Preview tab to see what the Display Template looks like to content contributors.


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