3 Benefits of Putting Your Law Firm Marketing on Autopilot

By District of Columbia Bar

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by Gerry Oginski, Esq.

No, this is not a “set it and forget it” argument.

You need to be hands-on here.

No this is not another article talking about the latest shiny new gadget.

You need to use tried and true methods to market your law firm.

This is not a get rich quick marketing scheme either.

Real law firm marketing takes place over time.

It’s analogous to planting seeds, tending to your garden and watching your plants and flowers grow beautifully.

Let me start with the end in mind and then work backwards from there.

It allows you the ability to multipurpose your content

It force you to commit to creating great educational content on a consistent basis

It requires you to set up a system to create & publish great content that will happen whether you are in the office, on vacation or in court.

To give you an idea of how I use systems to market my law firm, I’d like to share with you what I am currently doing to market my solo practice in one of the most competitive markets in the country.

As of today’s article, I have created enough video to be published each and every business day for the next five months from now.

For each of those educational videos, I have given lengthy descriptions that will help you to understand what my videos are about. I have optimized each of those videos.

I have prescheduled each of those videos to be released automatically, each and every business day at the same time each morning.

If I don’t create any more videos, these will be published and made live over the next five months without me having to do anything else.

That’s what I mean by putting your marketing systems on autopilot.


You still have to do the work.

You still have to come up with the content.

You still have to optimize.

However, you can create systems that will allow you to publish, syndicate and distribute each piece of content on a consistent ongoing basis.

Before you get ahead of yourself and you decide to put everything on autopilot, I should caution you...

Let me use my current video marketing efforts as a good example.

Simply having my videos published online at a particular date and a particular time each day, will not be sufficient to achieve my ultimate marketing goal.

That’s the mentality of people who believe “If I build it, they will come.”

In today’s Internet reality, that simply will not happen.

Even though I have optimized each of my videos with great care and have done so ethically, that is only one part of the effort needed in order to truly market my law firm effectively.

I analogize this to a three-legged stool.

Putting your video up online is simply one leg of the stool.

You always need to engage in the other two legs as well.

Continuing this example, once my video goes live, I must add spotlight annotations to each video manually.

Practice tip: In case you are not using spotlight annotations, you’re missing out a great opportunity to engage your viewer during your video.

If you’re unfamiliar with what these are, when viewing a video on a desktop, they are clickable links that can prompt a viewer to click to answer a question, take a survey, take them to your website or any other creative things you can come up with.

The beauty of the spotlight annotations is that if used effectively, it can get if your viewer to take action before they get to the end of your video where YouTube presents them with other related videos.

Did you know that your competitors videos can show up at the end of your video, as a ‘related video’? There are (ethical) strategies to minimize this from happening.

One of the easiest ways to do this is to create massive amounts of great educational video. Not only will you dominate your video marketing niche doing this, but you also push out your competitors since they will not be creating video consistently, like you.

There is however a drawback to using spotlight annotations on YouTube...

Spotlight annotations are not visible or usable on a mobile device.

This is significant.

The number of videos watched on mobile devices are staggering and increasing each day and month.

Here’s a snapshot of my own video stats:

34% of all my viewers, in one month, are watching my videos on a mobile phone.

What did YouTube do to capitalize on the trend toward mobile video?

They created clickable links called “cards.”

Cards are similar to spotlight annotations and allow you to create a clickable link on a mobile device that will allow the viewer to interact and go elsewhere such as your website, create a call to action or get you to watch another video that is similar.

Creating cards must also be done manually.

Then, once you have completed creating cards and spotlight annotations, it’s now time to upload human transcribed transcripts of each of your videos to YouTube.

Then when that’s done, it’s time to publish these videos on your social media networks.

This includes Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, among others.

If you think you’re done with your automated marketing system with all that effort, you would be wrong.

Now you must gear up for the third leg of your stool.

The first leg was content creation and uploading.

The second leg was optimizing.

The third leg is creating content that supplements your videos.

What type of content is that?


Blog posts.


Frequently asked questions.

You must do that for each and every video you create.

I pity the attorney who is told by some video production guy with a fancy award that they only need to create a handful of videos and throw it online in order to generate calls and clients.

Seven or eight years ago that might have been true.

Now, that’s impossible.

What that means for you, as an attorney who’s looking to market your law practice is that you must create automated systems that will allow you to get these different types of content up online on a consistent ongoing basis.

If you relied on your wedding videographer or high school kid to create those videos for you and your law firm, who are you using to optimize those videos?

Do you really think your wedding photographer understands who your ideal client is?

Do you really think that high school kid understands what your ideal clients are looking for when searching for an attorney online?

Does that video producer with a fancy award understand what compels a viewer to pick up the phone and call you instead of your competitor?

You must take this into account when deciding who is writing your blog posts and your supplemental articles.

If nobody, then you need to seriously reevaluate your current marketing plan.

It has deficiencies.

It has holes.

The good thing for you is that there is hope.

There are ways to create support teams who can help you implement one, two or even all three of the legs of the stool to help you market your law firm today.

By the way, you should know that the strategies I describe above can and should be used for both online and off-line marketing.

Video is but one tool of available marketing tools to attract your ideal client.

To recap...effective marketing takes time.

Plant those seeds in the correct places, tend to them religiously, make sure they are cared for once they begin to grow and then you nurture them.

The same can be true for every aspect of a case you handle for your client.

The same can be true for how you deal with new employees and have them become superstars.

I happen to have found that video marketing works best for me.

It allows a viewer to see me, hear me, learn from me and then compels them to call me to ask questions.

Importantly, it generates trust.

How important is trust?

Trust is everything.

If you can generate trust in just a few minutes with someone who has never met you and now they call you asking if you can help them solve their legal problem, you’re on your way toward some great educational marketing.

Last month I received a call...

From an attorney I referred a case to.

He called to tell me he settled the case.

Want to know for how much?

$2.84 million.

How did that client come to me?

From a video I created that focused on a problem this person had.

If you think I’m slacking off because I’ve got 5 months worth of video ‘in the can’ and ready to go on autopilot, keep in mind I’m also working on those blog posts, articles and transcripts to supplement those videos.

Then of course, I’m also cranking out more videos on a consistent and regular basis.

That leads me to create more articles, more blog posts, more transcripts and on and on...

(Reminds me of the book “If you give a mouse a cookie”)

My question to you is...Are you doing the same?

If you are, congratulations.

You are on the right track.

If you’re not, the question I have for you is...

“What are you waiting for?”

About Gerry Oginski

Gerry is a NY Medical Malpractice & Personal Injury Attorney and is the author of “Secrets of Lawyer Video Marketing in the Age of YouTube.”

He lectures to thousands of lawyers across the country each year about video marketing and is considered the leading authority on video marketing for attorneys in the United States.

He has created over 2100 educational videos to market his own solo practice to teach potential clients how cases involving medical malpractice & accidents work and is the Founder of the Lawyers Video Studio, where he has helped lawyers across the country create over 4000 videos to market their law firms.

Over the past nine years, Gerry’s own videos have generated valid cases & settlements of $12.61 million for his clients. You won’t find any other video company in the country who can say the same.

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