RELAX! Five Steps to Help You Release Neck Tension

By District of Columbia Bar

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By Lance Breger of Infinity Wellness Partners

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Don’t you wish you had a trick for relaxing your shoulders, easing the tension, and setting your neck free from knots? Our neck and shoulders are one of the major areas that hold stress. When those areas are chronically under tension the muscles spasm and form painful knots.  

Here are five steps that will help you relax your neck and shoulders:

1. Find a tennis ball 2.Press the ball on a tender spot on your neck or shoulders. 3. Hold the spot for >30 seconds or until reduced sensation 4. Take diaphragmatic breaths through the nose to promote relaxation. 5. Explore tops of both shoulders and sides of neck

Also, you can improve control by putting the ball between your body and an open wall or lay on the ball on the floor to find a trigger point.

Don’t worry—these techniques can be done in the office, at home, or on travel!

About Lance Breger: President of Infinity Wellness Partners a Washington, DC-based corporate wellness organization that is committed to making wellness a workday priority everyday. Lance’s firm prepares law professionals for a productive and healthy work life through fitness, nutrition, ergonomics, and mind/body training with onsite workshops, challenges, fitness classes and health coaching. You can also learn more about the organization and receive health and wellness updates on LinkedIn