Have you been asked to be a CLE presenter? 9 Things to Do That Will Help You Prepare

By District of Columbia Bar

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Were you asked to be a presenter for a CLE course?

The pressure to prepare a CLE presentation in your practice area can definitely present its challenges.

Here are 9 tips from The Lawyerist that will help you prepare a valuable and resourceful presentation:

1. Pick a topic that will stand out. “A unique topic produces an audience. If you are going to give a CLE, you want people to show up.”

2. Prepare, prepare, prepare! This includes: Handing in any written materials well in advance to the CLE host; keeping content direct, easy to follow, and current; highlighting key cases; and writing content in a way that keeps all listeners tuned in to your presentation.

3. Turn your presentation into a short manual—“people will keep it, which will create possible referrals in the future.”

4. Promote your own CLE. Help the host advertise the event through your own social media channels. Email your colleagues and other professionals in your field. “Do what you can to make sure lawyers attend.”

5. Use a slideshow. “Attendees almost expect a slideshow when they attend a CLE. Without it, they may think you forgot or were just too lazy to put one together.” Your slideshow can also be used as a simple “guidepost” to keep your presentation on track.

6. Practice your speech. “You should work on what to say, how you want to say it, and what to leave out.” Don’t forget to focus on the pacing of your presentation.

7. Make the event your priority. “If the presentation is not the most important event in your day, you are doing it wrong.”

8. Take care of your body. This means getting enough sleep, eating right, and wearing a brand new outfit will all help get you “amped up for your presentation.”

9. Don’t forget about day-of-event prep: Know the room, make sure the tech you want to use is functional, know your audience, and bring water. Most, importantly, be sure to get yourself excited about presenting!