15 x 15 Ways to a Better Mindful Eating Strategy

By District of Columbia Bar

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By Lance Breger of Infinity Wellness Partners

In our fast-paced world, eating may just seem like another hurdle getting in the way of meeting our deadlines and completing our To-Do lists. We are moving so fast that when we do eat our brains and bodies do not have enough time to catch up. What happens when we don’t slow down to eat properly? Overeating, poor digestion, energy crashes, and weight gain.

Now, I know what you are asking yourself—who has the time to try so many different approaches to a mindful eating strategy? This is why you might want to try the 15 x 15 strategy. It will:

Prepare your body to eat by breaking the stress cycle.


Increase your salivary enzymes for great digestion.


Increase the feeling of fullness helping you to eat less.


Decrease bloating and intestinal distress during the workday.

With the 15 x 15 there are only two instructions before every meal or snack:

Take 15 deep, slow belly breaths before you begin eating.


Chew 15 times per bite before swallowing your food.

Without changing what you are eating this strategy alone will catapult you to better energy, health, and weight. Now try it for yourself and remember that how we eat can be even more important than what we eat!

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About Lance Breger: President of Infinity Wellness Partners a Washington, DC-based corporate wellness organization that is committed to making wellness a workday priority everyday. Lance’s firm prepares law professionals for a productive and healthy work life through fitness, nutrition, ergonomics, and mind/body training with onsite workshops, challenges, fitness classes and health coaching. You can also learn more about the organization and receive health and wellness updates on LinkedIn