What Lawyers Can Learn From Content Marketing

By District of Columbia Bar

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Written By Greg Yates

Do you want to attract more clients? Do you want to increase the quality of your client base? Do you want to learn more about potential clients? 

Content Marketing 

Content marketing has been the rage among marketers in recent years. Content marketing is the process of consistently creating and curating relevant and valuable content for your ideal client. The most effective content marketing tells a story and shares a world-view.  

Content marketing was initially associated with startups like Red Bull, GoPro, and Birchbox because it was a way for cash-strapped organizations (some of you might relate) to gain exposure. Now, many of the biggest companies, like IBM, Disney, and American Express, are major content marketers. Why? Content marketing, when done right, is a cost-effective way for potential customers and clients to learn about you. In return, they will build a trust for you and your organization.

You’re probably thinking, “Wow, that’s interesting, Yates. But, I don’t have time to do content marketing.” I know. But, what if you could save time while attracting new clients?  Are you interested now? 

Use FAQs to Test Content Marketing In Your Practice 

One of the easiest ways for lawyers to use the tools and techniques of content marketing is to start a frequently asked question (FAQ) section on your website. What, you don’t have a website? Ugh, maybe you should join the 21st Century. But, until then, you can produce your FAQ as a brochure or even a FAQ sheet you can print from your computer. 

Putting a FAQ section on your website will save you time. And, as you know, your time is money. Both current and potential clients can get answers to questions about you and your practice without having to take you or your staff’s time. The FAQ will serve as a resource for current and potential clients. Being viewed as a resource will lead to more business. 

How do you start a FAQ section on your website?  Review your email for questions you receive regularly. Recall conversations with clients or potential clients and remember common questions. Write these questions on a legal pad or your computer and then answer them.

Do what good content marketers do and tell a story with your questions and answers.  Have a point of view that shines through your answers. Your FAQ is not a client memorandum or brief. Your answers should be in a conversational and engaging style.

The most important aspect is to focus on clients’ needs and wants, not on you. The FAQ should answer questions clients have, provide information, and be succinct and to the point.

The key to using FAQs or other content marketing techniques is to produce content that allows clients and potential clients to get to know you better as a real person, not a generic lawyer. Clients want to deal with people they know, like and trust. A well-written FAQ will be a piece of your marketing strategy to attract potential clients. Let your personality shine through the FAQs. 

Repurpose Your FAQs 

Repurposing is another technique of content marketing you can use to your advantage.  You can repurpose your FAQ by:

Forwarding it to people in your network as a way to keep engaged and stay top of mind with your contacts.

Sending it to people you don’t know, but would like to establish a connection with as a way to introduce yourself. 

Giving it to your referral sources so they have ready talking points and something they can give to referrals.

Using it as the basis for one or more blog posts or articles you can put on your website. 

Submitting some of the posts or articles to other sources (hey, maybe even to D.C. Bar Voices) to increase your exposure. 

Using it as the outline for a speech. 

Using it as the script for a quick video with you discussing the issues addressed. 

Taking each question and answer and posting it on social media where you are active. 

Producing and repurposing a FAQ is only one way to use content marketing techniques to promote yourself and your organization. If you’re interested, a quick Google search will reveal many other ways the tools and techniques of content marketing can be used to gain exposure and attract potential clients.

Giving potential clients what they want, not necessarily what they need a way to get a conversation started. Content marketing concepts will help you give potential clients what they want.

Greg Yates is a member of the D.C. Bar. He advises and coaches other lawyers on issues related to their careers. Greg recently published Personal Prosperity For Lawyers: Find The Perfect Job And Create Your Ideal Career.