On the Record: Why Would D.C. Make a Great Host City for the 2024 Olympics?

By District of Columbia Bar

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Anthony Pierce is a Board Member of Washington 2024 team that worked to put together the original bid to bring the Olympic Games to the nation's capital. Now that Boston has dropped its bid for the 2024 Olympic Games, he answered why he believed D.C. would make a great host city.

"DC is an international city with experience in handling major world events like no other. We have thousands of international tourists, foreign government and business representatives coming to this city every day to have fun, do business and work with our country. And, what better place to bring together the world’s great athletes under a spirit of unity around sport than the national capital of one of the world’s great nations. The plan we proposed had compact, walkable games that would help transform the region through economic development not unlike the success of the London Games. We have a team of people that has proven skills to make the Games a success. We also have the support of the community and good political acumen and relationships that are apparently lacking elsewhere. I hope the Games come back to America, be it LA or some other city. I will support the Olympic effort no matter the venue, but one thing is clear to me from this process—DC is the best place in the nation for the Olympics."

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