9 Things to Know from February's Washington Lawyer

By District of Columbia Bar

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DC Bar President Brigida Benitez sheds light about the growing legal field of anticorruption. She says that according to public records "there are more than 100 companies under investigation by U.S. authorities for possible violations of the FCPA" and many of the key investigations are being conducted right here in the District of Columbia. Needless to say, many DC Bar Members are on involved with these anticorruption cases. 

2. Elder Abuse statistics are high. A report by the U.S. Department of Justice and U.S. Department of Health and Human Services indicates that five million elderly Americans are affected each year. This includes physical, sexual, and psychological abuse, as well as neglect, abandonment, and financial exploitation. Also, according to the report, just one in 24 cases of elder abuse is reported to authorities. 

3. John Grisham has released another book. "In Gray Mountain, Grisham presents a landscape of lawyering possibilities in a rookie lawyer’s unexpected travels from a boring and tedious associateship in a big firm in New York City to an unpaid internship in a small town general practice in rural Virginia." Find the Review Here

4. "Lawyers in the District have many opportunities to get involved in activities outside of their regular practice, but the goal is to find pro bono work that is really meaningful and to enjoy the work that you are doing, not just to check the proverbial box." For Pro Bono work, finding the right fit is key! 

5. Professor of Legal Writing Alyssa Dragnich from the University of Miami Law School encourages giving junior attorneys feedback on their writing despite the myth that the millennial generation is accustomed to only positive feedback. 

6. If congressional efforts to block implementation of the marijuana legalization initiative succeed, it is likely that the District's medical marijuana program will still continue. Lawyers will need to remember that marijuana is still illegal under federal law and Rule 1.2(e) of the Rules of Professional Conduct will be in affect. This rule "forbids a lawyer to counsel a client to engage, or assist a client, in conduct that the lawyer knows is criminal." 

7. First-ever elected DC Attorney General Karl Racine says the road to winning the election was a "wild ride. It was like getting on a rollercoaster for the first time: It was exciting, there were people all around, there were ups and downs, there were thrilling moments, and there were moments where I just wanted to get off." 

8. The DC Bar launched a brand new strategic planning process. #DCBar2020

9. DC Bar Members are on the move! Not only have they moved up the ranks with honors and appointments, but we have quite a few published authors. Catch up with our members here