5 Leadership Resolutions to Stick by in 2016

By District of Columbia Bar

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By Stan Proffitt
President of Shoshin Leadership, Inc.

1. I will dedicate time to my own development. There are a number of inter-related areas of self-development that influence one’s ability to lead with calmness and clarity. Making time to develop oneself in the following areas is essential to leadership maturity: Physical well-being, Self-awareness, Emotional calmness and regulation, Thinking broadly and deeply

2. I will acknowledge and work on my own part in problems.  When relationship and leadership challenges arise in any organization, everyone involved is playing a part in the challenge. Understanding the part I play and working to modify myself is the most effective means of influencing what is going on.

3. I will dedicate time to people development.  Most leaders focus on getting things done, and on executing on projects, tasks. One of the most important purposes of a leader is promoting the growth in responsibility, autonomy and confidence in those s/he leads. Leaders who understand this make time to talk to their people about growth and development.

4. I will let others do their job.  Experiential learning is part of growth. If leaders are constantly telling people what to do and how to do it, the others are not learning how to think and function for themselves.  One of the most difficult jobs of a leader is staying out of everyone else’s way so they can bring their best self to their work.

5. I will be strategically calm in the face of mistakes.  People learn from mistakes. Adopting a calm (non-anxious) presence in the face of mistakes helps others calm down so they can think through their problems instead of just react.  If the leader can be less reactive to what is going on than those around her/him, the leader can be helpful.  If the leader cannot be less reactive, the leader cannot be helpful.

Would you like to start your new year with a positive impact on your leadership effectiveness? All you have to do is push by applying these resolutions to your leadership capabilities! 

About Stan Proffitt: An executive coach and leadership teacher whose diverse academic and professional background has enabled him to connect with and inspire a wide range of top-level leaders. Stan’s background includes a Bachelor of Science degree in physical education, ten years in the Behavioral Health field in both inpatient and outpatient settings, and 17 years of experience in Organizational Development, Leadership Development and Executive Coaching. He continues his study of human relationship functioning through the Post-Graduate Program at the Bowen Center for the Study of Families and the Georgetown Family Center in Washington, D.C.