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A New Horizon: D.C. Bar Annual Report 2014–15

From Washington Lawyer, July/August 2015

The D.C. Bar took major steps in fiscal year 2014–15 to set the groundwork for the future of the organization and its more than 100,000 members. A 17-member Strategic Planning Committee representing a wide range of practice settings, along with the Bar’s dedicated staff, engaged thousands of members and encouraged Bar-wide participation in developing a new strategic plan. That plan, D.C. Bar 2020: A New Five-Year Horizon, is the culmination of an in-depth examination and assessment of the current legal environment.  

Looking back over the past five years since the Bar’s first strategic plan, the committee examined trends in the legal marketplace and profession, focusing on specific issues that have made an impact on Bar members. Spearheaded by Bar President Brigida Benitez, D.C. Bar 2020 truly reflects the voice of the Bar’s membership, guided by input from thousands of members who participated in focus groups, took part in surveys and polls, and expressed what they wanted and needed from the Bar. 

In a parallel effort, the D.C. Bar Pro Bono Program developed its own strategic plan, relying upon an 18-member Strategic Assessment Task Force to gather information from Pro Bono Program stakeholders through focus groups with pro bono attorneys, interviews with clients, outreach to local legal services providers, and extensive surveys.

Benitez also appointed a Global Legal Practice Task Force, one of her key initiatives as president, to study and make recommendations about the globalization of the legal profession. One study group and two subgroups are researching key areas such as inbound foreign lawyers practicing in the District; outbound Bar members living and practicing abroad, and members living in the United States who have international practices and clients; and alternative business structures and multidisciplinary practice. 

With its third class of graduates from the John Payton Leadership Academy, the Bar continued to attract and cultivate potential future leaders. The most recent academy graduated 19 Bar members, bringing the total number of graduates to 51 since the academy’s inception in 2013. 

The Bar’s sections, Continuing Legal Education Program, Practice Management Advisory Service, and Pro Bono Program, along with events like the Judicial and Bar Conference and the Celebration of Leadership, have provided members with a broad range of substantive resources to help them to succeed in their careers. Let’s take a look at some of the highlights from fiscal year 2014–15.

Annual Report 2015 Infographic


The District of Columbia Bar and Affiliate
Consolidated Statements of Activities and Financial Position
Years Ended June 30, 2014 and 2013

Revenue 2014 2013
Members Dues $24,410,409 $23,266,907
Investment Income 3,883,331 2,267,477
In-Kind Contributions 2,811,859 2,954,878
Admission and Registration 1,895,060 1,931,762
Contributions 2,288,513 2,303,017
Advertising 307,418 297,948
Royalties 215,220 183,109
Books and Publication Sales 208,686 227,910
Miscellaneous Fees and Services 55,048 42,166
Mailing List 15,933 27,246
Rental Income 2,396 8,765
Total Revenue $36,093,873$33,511,185
Program Services:    
Board on Professional Responsibility $8,003,651 $7,353,933
Continuing Legal Education 3,154,333 3,411,061
Regulation Counsel 2,806,985 2,563,354
Communications 2,732,692 2,393,557
Pro Bono Program 2,127,543 2,029,247
Sections 1,412,211 1,310,912
Clients' Security Trust Fund 310,293 294,413
Bar Conference and Annual Meeting 134,077 360,457
Total Program Services $20,681,785 $19,716,934
Supporting Services:
Operations Division $7,379,163 $6,792,788
Executive Division 2,154,692 1,975,618
Fundraising 287,487 255,328
Total Supporting Services 9,821,3429,023,734
Total Expenses 30,503,127 28,740,668
Changes in Net Assets 5,590,746 4,770,517
Net Assets—Beginning of Year 20,357,934 15,587,417
Net Assets—End of Year $25,948,680$20,357,934
Assets 2014 2013
Cash and Cash Equivalent $12,957,166 $10,432,897
Investments: Clients’ Security Trust Fund 750,000 750,000
Investments 28,600,383 24,169,618
Receivables, Net of Allowance for Doubtful Accounts 228,781 196,745
Other Assets 707,983 834,182
Property and Leasehold Improvements, Net 5,407,982 5,395,231
Total Assets $48,652,295 $41,778,673
Liabilities and Net Assets 2014 2013
Accounts Payable and Accrued Liabilities $4,259,740 $3,892,087
Deferred Revenue 14,375,992 13,220,464
Landlord Improvement Allowance 2,488,414 2,848,185
Deferred Rent Liability 1,445,928 1,362,441
Other Liabilities 133,541 97,562
Total Liabilities $22,703,615 $21,420,739
Net Assets:    
Unrestricted -------- --------
Undesignated $1,469,754 $1,342,335
Board Designated -------- --------
Mandatory Dues Purposes $17,451,186 $12,747,005
     Pro Bono Program 2,443,739 2,297,779
Sections 2,112,115 1,692,738
Continuing Legal Education 1,038,318 858,854
Clients' Security Trust Fund 750,000 750,000
Total Board Designated 23,795,35818,346,376
Total Unrestricted 25,265,112 19,688,711
Temporarily Restricted 683,568 669,223
Total Net Assets 25,948,680 20,357,934
Total Liabilities and Net Assets$48,652,295$41,778,673

The above financial reports represent the District of Columbia Bar’s Consolidated Statements of Activities and the Consolidated Statements of Financial Position for the Years ended June 30, 2014 and 2013. Any member who wishes to receive a full copy of the Bar’s Consolidated Financial Statements and Schedules may request one by calling 202-737-4700, ext. 3343.    

Brigida Benitez
Steptoe & Johnson LLP

Timothy K. Webster 
Sidley Austin LLP

Matthew G. Kaiser
Kaiser, LeGrand & Dillon PLLC

Sarah Shyr
Eckert Seamans Cherin & Mellott, LLC

Steven N. Berk
Berk Law PLLC

Susan Low Bloch
Georgetown University Law Center

Rodney J. Bosco
Gnarus Advisors LLC

Cindy Conover
Shearman & Sterling LLP

Andrea Ferster
Law Offices of Andrea Ferster

Lily M. Garcia
The Strayer University Corporation

Stephen I. Glover
Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher LLP

Susan Kovarovics
Bryan Cave LLP

Sara Kropf
Law Office of Sara Kropf PLLC

Bridget Bailey Lipscomb
U.S. Department of Justice

Richard J. Marks
DLA Piper LLP (US)

Bonnie Montgomery
Hunton & Williams LLP

Marianela Peralta
Walmart Stores, Inc.

Mark A. Salzberg
Squire Patton Boggs (US) LLP

Gregory S. Smith
Law Offices of Gregory S. Smith

Annamaria Steward
University of the District of Columbia
David A. Clarke School of Law

Keiko K. Takagi
Sughrue Mion, PLLC

Michelle C. Thomas
M.C. Thomas & Associates, PC

Benjamin F. Wilson
Beveridge & Diamond, P.C.


Attorney/Client Arbitration Board

Michael Wolf, Chair
Peggy L. O'More, Vice Chair

Andrea Ferster, Chair

Timothy K. Webster, Chair

Community Economic Development Pro Bono Project Advisory  
Erica J. Dominitz, Chair
Matthew L. Haws, Vice Chair

Brigida Benitez, Chair

Continuing Legal Education 
Catherine D. Bertram, Chair
Diane Seltzer Torre, Vice Chair

Court Funding 
Carolyn B. Lamm, Chair

Election Board 
Theodore C. Hirt, Chair
Adav Noti, Vice Chair

Brigida Benitez, Chair

Andrea Ferster, Chair

Global Legal Practice Task Force
Darrell G. Mottley

IOLTA Member Communications Advisory Task Force
Nathalie P. Gilfoyle, Chair

Judicial Evaluation 
Mary Ann Snow, Chair

Lawyer Assistance
Clarence F. Stanback, Chair
Sarah L. Knapp, Vice Chair

Leadership Development 
Philip Allen Lacovara, Cochair
Morton J. Posner, Cochair

Legal Ethics 
Steven Tabackman, Chair
Paul C. Hurdle, Vice Chair

Legal Ethics
Steven Tabackman, Chair
Paul C. Hurdle, Vice Chair

Sadina Montani, Chair

Andrea Ferster, Chair

Practice Management Service 
Marc J. Zwillinger, Chair
Jessica E. Adler, Vice Chair

Pro Bono
Ann K. Ford, Chair
Amy L. Bess, Vice Chair

Don A. Resnikoff, Chair
Elizabeth T. Simon, Vice Chair

Regulations/Rules/Board Procedures
Patrick McGlone, Chair

Rules of Professional Conduct Review
Jonathan K. Tycko, Chair
Lauren A. Greenberg, Vice Chair

Lily M. Garcia, Chair

Strategic Planning
Kim M. Keenan, Chair

Laura A. Possessky, Chair

Council on Sections

V. David Zvenyach, Chair
Michelle Bercovici, Chair-Elect
Felicia C. Battista, Immediate Past Chair

Administrative Law and Agency Practice
Edwin E. Huddleson, Cochair
Judith R. Starr, Cochair

Antitrust and Consumer Law
Daniel P. Ducore, Cochair
George P. Slover, Cochair

Arts, Entertainment, Media and Sports Law
John L. Simson, Chair
Gregg P. Leslie, Vice Chair

Corporation, Finance and Securities Law
Stephen J. Crimmins, Chair
Joan E. McKown, Vice Chair

Courts, Lawyers and the Administration of Justice
Evelyn L. Becker, Chair
Frederick V. Mulhauser, Vice Chair

Criminal Law and Individual Rights
Brandi J. Harden, Cochair
Heather N. Pinckney, Cochair

District of Columbia Affairs
Joel M. Cohn, Cochair
Ariel B. Levinson-Waldman, Cochair

Environment, Energy and Natural Resources
Rufus J. Smith, Cochair
Linda Tsang, Cochair

Estates, Trusts and Probate Law
Christopher M. Guest, Cochair
Lucinda L. Lea, Cochair

Family Law
Jessica E. Adler, Cochair
Tanya M. Jones Bosier, Cochair

Government Contracts and Litigation
Julia M. Carpenter, Cochair
Albert C. Lambert, Cochair

Health Law
Rebecca L. Burke, Cochair
Selina P. Coleman, Cochair

Intellectual Property Law
Lorraine S. Morrison, Cochair
Mark A. Williamson, Cochair

International Law
Nancy L. Perkins, Cochair
Jessica E. Tannenbaum, Cochair

Labor and Employment Law
Megan Cacace, Cochair
Avi L. Kumin, Cochair

Law Practice Management
Arden B. Levy, Cochair
Linda A. Rahal, Cochair

Lucy E. Newton, Cochair
Courtney L. Weiner, Cochair

Real Estate, Housing and Land Use
Meridith H. Moldenhauer, Cochair
David J. Walker, Cochair

Christian M. McBurney, Chair
Richard G. Larkins, Vice Chair

Tort Law
Lawrence E. Eiser, Cochair
Nicholas S. McConnell, Cochair


Board on Professional Responsibility
Eric L. Yaffe, Chair
Robert C. Bernius, Vice Chair

Clients’ Security Fund
Michael F. Curtin, Chair
Dwight D. Murray, Vice Chair

District of Columbia Bar Foundation
Marc L. Fleischaker, President
Susan M. Hoffman, Vice President