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Successful Small Firm Practice Course Supplement

2019 Session Slides as downloadable PDF files:

Weekday Sessions

Day 1 - Monday, September 9, 2019

Cases to read

In Re Mance

In Re Martin

Other materials

2018 Solo & Small Firm Compensation Survey Report

Encryption is Now Cheap and Simple and May be Ethically Required

Safeguarding Electronic Communications

2018 Salary Guide

Cyber Security 101

Interview with respondents' counsel, Daniel Schumack

2019 State of U.S. Small Law Firms Thomson Reuters

Clio Legal Trends Report 2018

Clio Legal Trends Report 2017

Clio Legal Trends Report 2016

On the Subject of Clients, Michael E. Gerber

Fastcase Quick Reference Guide

Great Legal Marketing Resource

Tools for Handling "Big Firm" Law as a Small Firm Lawyer
This is a 2-page, 199KB pdf document
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Checklist for Starting a Law Practice
This is a 1-page, 203 kb PDF document
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The 1958 Lawyer and his 1938 Dollar (ABA)
This is a 30-page, 1.9 MB PDF document
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The Elements of Engagement Agreements and Letters
This is a five-page 20 kb PDF document
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Business Entity Formation for Law Firms
This is a 32-page 158 kb PDF of Heather Batzel's Lunch & Learn presentation
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This is a 95 minute MP3 audio file of Heather Batzel and Maxine Hinson.
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Newsletters for Lawyers (April 2014)
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Law Firm Newsletters
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Jump Start Marketing
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