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Practice Management Advisory Service

Practice Management Advisory Service: Practice Monitor Program

Practice Monitor program provides remedial assistance to Bar members who are in diversion to address minor misconduct, who have asserted disability in pending disciplinary matters, or who have been placed on probation by the disciplinary system. The Practice Management Service Committee (PMSC) trains and provides practice monitors to attorneys who are facing disciplinary action. Bar members who are eligible to be diverted out of the formal disciplinary process, who allege a disability, or who are eligible for probation in lieu of suspension will be able to participate in this program.

The PMSC has more than 12 practice monitors, who are now available to the Board on Professional Responsibility or the Office of Disciplinary Counsel to be assigned periodically to review and report on specific management aspects of another Bar member’s practice, with the goal to improve the monitored member’s practice to avoid future disciplinary charges.

If you are interested in becoming a practice monitor, please call 202-780-2762.

For more information on the appointment of a practice monitor in a disciplinary matter, contact the Office of Disciplinary Counsel at 202-638-1501 or the Board on Professional Responsibility at 202-638-4290.