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The Practice Management Advisory Service of the D.C. Bar presents the Small Firm Lunch and Learn Series. Each program in this series will explore a topic of particular interest to members who are starting, managing, or growing law firms in the District of Columbia. Most sessions take place from noon until 2:00 p.m. at the D.C. Bar (901 4th Street, NW) and are free to Bar members and their staff. This is a brown bag event. Attendees may bring their own lunch. Beverages are served. Here is more information about each of the programs in the upcoming Lunch and Learn series.

Lunch and Learn Series Schedule:

June 13, 2019 — Accounting Concerns of the Small Practitioner, by Donna Mahan, CPA and Robin Meisner Cameron, CPA of E. Cohen & Company, CPAs. Thinking of setting up your own small practice but feeling overwhelmed by the accounting and tax concepts? Join us for an introductory discussion of:

• Choice of business entity
• DC business registration, property tax returns, tax filings
• Accrual accounting versus cash accounting
• The benefits of QuickBooks
• IOLTA accounts and monthly reconciliations
• W-9s and 1099s
• Employee vs independent contractor
• Quarterly income tax payments
• SEP-IRA retirement plans   

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July 11, 2019  Pitch Power ® : Refresh Your Elevator Pitch, Attract More of the Right Clients, by Maggy Sterner, Brand and Business Coach. Having a simple, powerful, and compelling elevator pitch that simply and clearly communicates what you do makes it easy to get more business, both directly and from referrals, period. A little “lawyer-speak” goes a long way, but it often confuses the people (clients, referrals and top talent) you are trying to attract.

In this highly interactive workshop, you will learn:
• What a brand is and how it’s connected to your elevator pitch
• What a good elevator pitch is and what it isn’t
• How to craft yours in a super-simple way that communicates PRECISELY what you do so people say, “Wow. I need you.”

When you can articulate what you do in a way people can understand, you will dramatically improve:
• your firm’s ability to recruit the right, top talent who are aligned with your mission;
• your personal ability to stand out from all the other lawyers or firms who do the same thing; and
• and your ability to attract more of the right clients.

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July 18, 2019- Office On-Demand for the 21st Century Law Firm, by Carr Workplaces. This event will take place at 1717 K Street, Suite 900, Washington, D.C. (Off-site program) Sponsored lunch will be provided for this event. During this program, held at a Carr Workplaces office on-demand location, you will discover and explore: how other lawyers use Carr’s on-demand offices; the services and packages offered (including specials for D.C. Bar members); how mail and phone calls are handled;  the security and confidentiality protocols used; how to maximize on the services offered; enjoy a special group tour of the facility and more!

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July 25, 2019- Are You Lawyering or Laboring? 7 Steps to Reduce Interruptions & Chores and Run a Highly Productive Law Firm, by Maddy Martin, of Smith.AI. Many small-firm and solo attorneys are spread thin, yet they hesitate to filter out distractions and hand off time-consuming tasks. Whether you're missing calls and leads, struggling to follow-up with existing clients and capture late payments, or just looking to run a more efficient and profitable law firm, the right communication systems can help you get more done. Cut out bad habits, reduce interruptions, and automate workflows to yield more qualified leads, happier clients, and better work/life balance.

You'll learn 7 basic and advanced techniques for incorporating tools that promote professionalism and productivity into your operations with minimal investment of time, energy, and money:
1.  Manage inbound communications with smart phone systems & web chat.
2.  Automate lead capture & qualification.
3.  Hand-off new client intake.
4.  Streamline appointment scheduling & reminders.
5.  Consistently collect payments.
6.  Systematically refer "bad" leads.
7.  Integrate your communications into your existing systems: CRM, website, calendar, billing system, email, SMS/chat, and more.

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