Practice Management Advisory Service

Basic Training & Beyond

Scheduled Sessions: D.C. Bar, 1101 K Street NW, Washington, DC 20005.

All sessions are from 9:15 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

2017 Schedule
  • Wednesday, October 11 -- Day one:  How to Start a Law Firm
  • Wednesday, October 18 -- Day two:  How to Grow a Law Firm
  • Wednesday, November 8 -- Day one:  How to Start a Law Firm
  • Wednesday, November 15 -- Day two:  How to Grow a Law Firm
  • Wednesday, December 13 -- Day one:  How to Start a Law Firm
  • Wednesday, December 20 -- Day two:  How to Grow a Law Firm

This program is sponsored by the Practice Management Service Committee of the D.C. Bar. It is free for and limited to D.C. Bar members and their staff.

Slides and other Program Materials

The program is for lawyers who want to know about the methods and skills necessary for starting and growing a small firm and who want to participate actively in the learning experience. This interactive program consists of two full–day sessions that cover:

Day One: How to Start a Law Firm—All you need to know to get an office up and going in the District of Columbia. This segment of the program focuses on the skills, tools, and rules plus planning issues including:

  • The small firm lawyer’s workplace, firm naming, insurance and office location issues.
  • Fees and agreements: Types of fee arrangements; hourly, flat and alternative law office accounts; getting paid.
  • IOLTA, operation of the trust and business (operating) accounts and record keeping.
  • Office operations; office policy; of counsel and contract arrangements; file creation, retention, storage and destruction.
  • Time management, productivity analysis and planning to grow.
  • Planning for the unexpected: What if you cannot work? Do you have a backup plan?
  • The business plan, financial and productivity planning.

Day Two: How to Grow a Law Firm—Marketing, problem solving, understanding clients, and technology that serves, including:

  • Working strategically on your business.
  • Marketing strategy and practice.
  • How to understand and enter your potential client’s problem recognition process.
  • Client issues: Selection and intake, communications and problem solving.
  • Case management and time and billing solutions.
  • Free and low cost legal research.
  • Thinking tools and productivity. 

The two-day program can be taken at any time and in any order, however it is best to attend the sessions in the same month. Register at and specify the dates you wish to attend. You may ask to be placed on the wait list for any full session and also be registered for any open session. For questions, call Dan Mills at 202-626-1312 or Rochelle Washington at 202-626-1317. 

Basic Training was awarded the ABA Gambrell Award in 2011.