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Small Firm Lunch and Learn Series

Lunch and Learn

The Practice Management Advisory Service of the D.C. Bar presents the Small Firm Lunch and Learn Series. Each program in this series will explore a topic of particular interest to members who are starting, managing, or growing law firms in the District of Columbia. Most sessions take place from noon until 2:00 p.m. at the D.C. Bar (1101 K Street, NW) and are free to Bar members and their staff. This is a brown bag event. Attendees may bring their own lunch. Beverages are served. Here is more information about each of the programs in the upcoming Lunch and Learn series.

Lunch and Learn Series Schedule:

July 14, 2016 — A Preview of the Upcoming Successful Small Firm Practice Course, presented by Rochelle D. Washington and Daniel M. Mills. The Course, which begins August 22, is a deep exploration of starting, growing and managing the small firm. Mr. Mills and Ms. Washington will preview the ten sessions and answer questions from prospective attendees. This is the fifth year for the Course at the D.C. Bar. It was awarded the 2015 ABA E. Smythe Gambrell Professionalism Award. Registration is now open for the Course.

July 28, 2016 — A Day in the Life of an Estate Planning Lawyer, presented by Deborah Matthews of The Law Office of Deborah G. Matthews. This session will focus on the unique issues involved with building an estate planning practice in D.C. Ms. Matthews will explore the different types of estate planning practices; the nuts and bolts of starting an estate planning practice; handling clients; practice management tools; books and resources; networking opportunities and marketing.

August 4, 2016 — Hands on with Fastcase, presented by Morgan Morrissette Wright of Fastcase. During this program, the presenter will explore search methods and techniques to achieve better search results and lead attendees through a step by step, hands-on, experience using Fastcase's many tools and features. Fastcase is a bar member benefit and the leading next-generation legal research service that puts a comprehensive national law library and smarter and more powerful searching, sorting, and visualization tools right at your fingertips. The Fastcase collection includes cases, statutes, regulations, court rules, and constitutions. Fastcase also provides access to a newspaper archive, legal forms, and a one-stop PACER search of federal filings.

August 11, 2016 — 
A Day in the Life of a D.C. Landlord-Tenant Lawyer, presented by Dorene Haney. During this presentation, Ms. Haney will share practical advice and insights into practicing landlord-tenant law in the District. She will address: common client relations issues, case management tips, technology tools for the practice area, what to expect in the courtroom, what judges expect from the bench and much more!

For descriptions and handouts from recent Lunch and Learn programs, click here.

To register or for more information on this program and other services offered by the Practice Management Advisory Service you may contact: Daniel M. Mills, assistant director, or Rochelle D. Washington, senior staff attorney, at