Voluntary Standards for Civility

D.C. Bar Voluntary Standards of Civility: Principles Applicable to Litigation

Principles Particularly Applicable to Litigation

Procedural Agreements

  1. We will confer with opposing counsel about procedural issues that arise during the course of litigation, such as requests for extensions of time, discovery matters, pre-trial matters, and the scheduling of meetings, depositions, hearings, and trial. We will seek to resolve by agreement such procedural issues that do not require court order. For those that do, we will seek to reach agreement with opposing counsel before presenting the matter to court.
  2. We accept primary responsibility, after consultation with the client, for making decisions about procedural agreements. We will explain to our clients that cooperation between counsel in such matters is the professional norm and may be in the client's interest. We will explain the nature of the matter at issue in any such proposed agreements and explain how such agreements do not compromise the client's interests.