Former Rules

Former Rules of Professional Conduct: Note

The D.C. Rules of Professional Conduct have a unique page numbering system as well as two lapses in sequential numbering within the Rules themselves.
     These Rules are divided into nine sections. Each of the sections is numbered independently of the others with a roman numeral preceding an arabic numeral. The roman numeral refers to one of the nine sections: Client-Lawyer Relationship (I), Counselor (II), Advocate (III), Transactions with Persons Other than Clients (IV), Law Firms and Associations (V), Public Service (VI), Information About Legal Services (VII), Maintaining the Integrity of the Profession (VIII), and Nondiscrimination by Members of the Bar (IX); the arabic number is the actual page number within the section.
     The Rules were drafted following the numbering system promulgated by the American Bar Association in its Model Rules of Professional Conduct. Following the recommendation of the D.C. Bar Board of Governors, the D.C. Court of Appeals in its Order of March 1, 1990, chose not to adopt several rules included in the ABA Model and also elected not to renumber the remaining rules sequentially. Therefore, the section entitled Information About Legal Services contains no Rules 7.2, 7.3, and 7.4, and the section entitled Maintaining the Integrity of the Profession contains no Rule 8.2. These omissions are deliberate and do not represent an error in this text.