DC Attorney Discipline System


CUPL Issues Opinion on Attorneys Admitted Outside DC Practicing in Disciplinary Matters

May 9, 2018

In Opinion 23-18, the Committee on the Unauthorized Practice of Law noted that it and the Board on Professional Responsibility have received several inquiries about the application of Court of Appeals Rule 49 to attorneys who are not licensed in the District but who wish to appear on behalf of respondents in D.C. attorney discipline matters.  

To assist practitioners seeking to comply with Rule 49, on April 12, 2018, the Committee
issued Opinion 23-18 pursuant to its authority under Rule 49(d)(3)(G). In summary, the Committee concluded "that an attorney licensed outside D.C. may represent respondents in disciplinary proceedings without violating Rule 49's prohibition on unauthorized practice of law so long as the attorney meets the requirements for pro hac vice admission described in Rule 49(c)(7)."

Please click here for the full text of Opinion 23-18.