Disciplinary System Recommendations and Actions

Disciplinary system recommendations and actions are available from 1979 to the present and updated as information is received from the Office of Disciplinary Counsel and Board on Professional Responsibility. For pending matters, not yet included here, contact those offices directly.

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The online summaries provided at this site are not intended to be complete records of disciplinary actions involving D.C. Bar members. Rather, individuals researching an attorney should consult the full text of any disciplinary decision either online through the link provided in the summary to the Board on Professional Responsibility report or the D.C. Court of Appeals decision or in records maintained by the Office of Bar Counsel. Because some Bar members may share the same name, individuals using these summaries should ensure that they have correctly identified the lawyer using other identifying information. The D.C. Bar is not responsible for any coincidence in names of disciplined attorneys and of members in good standing as a result of individuals having identical names.

Questions about disciplinary matters should be directed to the Office of Disciplinary Counsel at 202-638-1501 or the Board on Professional Responsibility at 202-638-4290.