D.C. Bar 2020: A New Five-Year Horizon

Key Findings

SP2020_WebgraphicVertFrom March 10 through April 8, 2015, the D.C. Bar collected quantitative and qualitative research from thousands of its stakeholders to learn about trends and issues impacting the legal profession, their careers, as well as their priorities for the D.C. Bar to focus on in the next five years. 

Members took an online survey, left written comments and e-mailed feedback, answered poll questions, and participated in 21 two-hour focus groups representing diverse segments of the membership. 

This input provided guidance to the Strategic Planning Committee as it developed its key findings. During the process, the committee identified primary areas of focus for the organization and important issues to members, including: 

These findings helped shape our strategic priorities and objectives and will serve as the foundation for D.C. Bar 2020 moving forward.