Special Committee on Multidisciplinary Practice

The Committee and its Assignments

The Board of Governors of the D.C. Bar formed this committee in August 1999 to study the recommendation of the American Bar Association Commission on Multidisciplinary Practice that restrictions on multidisciplinary practice be substantially relaxed. We were, first, to consider what position the D.C. Bar should take with respect to the ABA Commission’s recommendation. We were also directed to consider whether the rules of this jurisdiction related to multidisciplinary practice should be changed.

In a report dated June 26, 2000, the committee urged that the D.C. Bar support the recommendation of the ABA Commission. Shortly afterward, despite support by the District of Columbia delegation, the ABA House of Delegates rejected the ABA Commission’s proposal and disbanded the Commission.

Notwithstanding the action of the ABA House of Delegates, this committee and similar committees in other jurisdictions have continued to study the subject of multidisciplinary practice. After discussion and study of the subject for over a year, and after consultation with the Board of Governors, we issued a preliminary report on February 23, 2001, expressing our initial conclusion that restrictions on multidisciplinary practice should be substantially reduced and soliciting comments from interested sections and committees of the Bar, other bar organizations, and bar members. We then reviewed the comments we received, held further discussion, and now issue this final report and recommendation.