West Coast Members: Member Benefits Extend Beyond the Beltway

By Lindsey Bledsoe

March 2, 2017

Last month, the D.C. Bar concluded D.C. BARometer—a nine-city networking and listening tour—hitting up the west coast to talk to members working in and around Denver, Los Angeles, Seattle, and San Francisco. 

The events featured an opportunity for members to meet Bar leadership, receive updates on significant projects, including the Bar's new headquarters, and network with fellow West Coast members. Some even reconnected after years of being out of touch. 

Each event also afforded the Bar an opportunity to learn more about the specific advantages members gain from their affiliation with the D.C. Bar, and provided attendees with a platform to share their views on how the Bar can best serve them at each stage of their professional journey. They talked about the types of programming and content they find most valuable and the practice area and settings they'd like to see addressed more by the Bar. 

Below, members attending D.C. BARometer share the aspects of their membership that are most valuable to their careers. 

Thomas A. Lenz

Thomas A. Lenz
Los Angeles

Lenz finds great value in being a Bar member. He says, "[I] maintain my D.C. Bar membership because of the excellent programs on labor law and government relations."

Watch Thomas discuss his D.C. BARometer experience.

Jeffrey Schimelfenig

Jeffrey Schimelfenig

Schimelfenig thinks the "Practice Management Advisory Service [is] helpful, no matter the location." PMAS is a free and confidential service of the D.C. Bar to provide practice management information and resources to its members.

Friedorique Nonga

Friedorique Nonga
San Francisco

Nonga finds value in her D.C. Bar membership because "the D.C. Bar affiliation is prestigious" and helps her attract clients for her international practice.

Watch Friedorique discuss her D.C. BARometer experience.