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Five Wellness Tips for a New You

January 18, 2017


Start the year right and resolve to find ways, big or small, to improve your overall wellness. Check out these helpful tips you can do from your home or office to bring your life, from your physical health to your career, into focus.

1. Do some deep breathing for two minutes to take yourself out of “fight/flight/freeze” mode when an issue arises. 

2. It might be hard, but put that phone down! Try turning off your phone or other electronic devices an hour before bed. Don’t let the blue light interfere with your circadian rhythm! 

3. Learn to reframe catastrophic thinking into more realistic, reasonable responses. Challenge your thoughts—play prosecutor and defense attorney with them. 

4. Develop a plan for debt repayment. Knowing you are taking action will begin to ease stress.  

5. To increase your connectedness with others, try calling them instead of texting. You can’t use your emojis, but you’ll be able to hear the tone of their voice. 

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