Staying Fit on Travel

By Tracy Schorn

July 14, 2017

Travel can put a real kink into your fitness routine. The justifications for inertia are so easy - the hotel gym doesn’t have the right equipment, workout clothes take up too much suitcase space, calories don’t count if you consume them on vacation…

So how do you rise above the coach potato state and commit to workouts on the road? Consider some of these options:

Body weight exercises

Have body? Will travel. No equipment needed, just use the weight resistance of your own body weight. You can exercise in a hotel room with nothing more than a chair, or do lunges, squats, or planks. The New York Times has a 7-minute work out app you can download for free.

Make fitness part of your travelsWalk laps at the airport

Two-hour layover? No worries. You’re probably going to be crushed into a seat for hours later, so make the most of your travel limbo and walk around. Consider your carry-on bag as some weight lifting to go with that cardio. 

Take the stairs

If you don’t have time for your usual routine, try taking the stairs to sneak in some exercise. Or explore whatever city you’re in to search for a large flight of outdoor stairs to run. If it’s good enough for Rocky, it’s good enough for you. (The 72 stone stairs known as the “Rocky Steps” are actually the entrance to the Philadelphia Museum of Art).

Go dancing

Find a nightclub and go out dancing. Yes, people still do that. Dancing burns about 450 calories per hour.

Yoga in the cityYouTube Yoga

Check out the loads of free, guided yoga sessions on YouTube. One popular channel, Yoga with Adriene, has dozens of videos under the header “Yoga for Busy People” with 10 to 15 minute routines.

There’s also “Yoga for Jetlag” on the Yoga with Kassandra channel. Need yoga for older, creakier people? Try The Mat Project.

And if your back is killing you from that long flight? There’s even a yoga routine for your sciatica at the PsycheTruth. (It’s been viewed over 2 million times.)

Video Streaming Subscriptions for Fitness

You can take your exercise regimen with you when you subscribe to video streaming services. Just connect by phone or tablet and start sweating. Here are some options:

For $475 for 6 months, celebrity trainer Tracy Anderson gives at-home subscribers the in-studio experience. Subscribers get access to a new class every week that are shot in her studio class. If you tune in every day for 6 months, it works out to $3.73 per workout.

Check out Fit Fusion, which has been described as the “Netflix of fitness videos.” Headed by Jillian Michaels (of Biggest Loser and workout video fame), the program brings together over 20 top instructors in every fitness discipline. Ten bucks a month gets you access to over 260 workout videos with top trainers.

Everything you ever wanted to do with a resistance band and a chair can be found at Chaise Fitness. Each video is $8.95 and the workouts combine strength training with cardio, and none run over 20 minutes.

Now get sweating! No excuses.