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D.C. Bar Meets with Seoul Bar Association

August 24, 2017

Seoul Bar Association visit

In August, the Seoul Bar Association (SBA) visited the D.C. Bar at its headquarters to bolster the relationship between the two.

Jae-min Jeon, director of international affairs at the SBA and organizer of the trip, said, “We hope to exchange greetings and discuss current issues of the D.C. Bar and also share some thoughts on the recent developments in the legal market of the U.S and Korea.”

Jeon was joined by Chan-hee Lee, president of the SBA, and Hyeon-seong Kim, the organization’s secretary general. They were joined by (from left to right) Karen Savransky, senior managing attorney; former D.C. Bar president Darrell Mottley; Carla Freudenburg, director of Regulation Counsel; and Crystal White, senior project specialist.