Paul Boyer on Seattle D.C. BARometer

June 1, 2017

In June’s Washington Lawyer, the D.C. Bar spoke to members who joined us at D.C. BARometer, our national networking and listening tour. Our goal was to hear from our members who live and work around the country to learn how the Bar can best serve them. 

Below, Paul Boyer, senior vice president at Replenium, talks about what he enjoyed most when BARometer came to Seattle.

Paul Boyer, Photo by Tracy ConneryPaul Boyer 
Senior Vice President for Development and Legal, Replenium

Thanks to the recent D.C. BARometer event, for the first time since moving to Seattle 12 years ago I felt reconnected to the D.C. Bar community and appreciated the chance to meet and network with other local attorneys who share D.C. connections. I applaud the D.C. Bar’s investment in such outreach initiatives that demonstrate [its] commitment to geographic inclusiveness in supporting its many members broadly dispersed across the country.