Court of Appeals Withdraws Order on Pleading Procedures

June 16, 2015

On June 10 the D.C. Court of Appeals vacated Administrative Order 2-15, which required counsel to provide an e-mail address and cell phone number in all pleadings. When notice of the change was publicized on May 28, the court received complaints about including lawyers' personal contact information in public documents.

"DCCA Administrative Order 2-15 was issued to ensure that the Clerk's Office had updated contact information for all counsel who practice before the Court of Appeals. However, because court pleadings are public records, attorneys expressed concern about having to provide the Court with their personal contact information in such a manner," said D.C. Courts spokesperson Leah Gurowitz in a written statement. "The Court agreed with their concerns and rescinded the Order in favor of an alternative approach that better protects the privacy of the lawyers while providing the Clerk's Office with the information it needs to ensure the accuracy of its communications with counsel."

While attorneys are still being asked to provide their contact information to the court, that information, however, will be kept confidential. Read the notice vacating the order