Member Spotlight: David J. Marshall

By Jeffery Leon

October 21, 2016

With the season of giving and gratitude about to enter into full swing, we asked members in our November Washington Lawyer what causes were close to their hearts. D.C. Bar member David J. Marshall talks about his work for farmworkers. 

David J. Marshall

David J. Marshall
Partner, Katz, Marshall & Banks, LLP 

"Farmworkers in the U.S. perform an incredibly valuable service that the rest of us benefit from every time we eat a meal or a snack. At the same time, these workers face some of the country’s most exploitative working conditions. They labor hard for long hours at low pay, few have health insurance or other benefits, and most live in substandard housing. Their workplaces are poisoned by pesticides and rarely have bathroom facilities, and female farmworkers experience sexual harassment and assault by their supervisors. They also often face wage theft from unscrupulous employers. 

Organizing to fight back against exploitation is difficult when much of the workforce is transient, and when many live in constant fear of deportation. Despite these challenges, farmworkers have fought hard for decades for their right to be treated fairly and earn a decent living. Advancing the rights of U.S. farmworkers, including the right to organize unions and hold the growers to common standards of fairness and decency, is a cause that deserves the active support of every working person in the country. They have my support, which is why I contribute to the work of Farmworker Justice and other organizations that work to improve the lives of the nation’s farmworkers."