Mazzaferri Honored at Retirement Celebration

By Jeffery Leon

June 5, 2017

Katherine Mazzaferri speaks at retirement celebration. photo by Patrice Gilbert Photography

A special retirement celebration for former D.C. Bar CEO Katherine Mazzaferri on June 1 brought out prominent members of D.C.’s legal community to honor her 35 years of leadership at the D.C. Bar.

Guests gathered in the Paris Ballroom at Hotel Monaco. as D.C. Bar President Annamaria Steward welcomed them to the evening’s festivities. Steward was followed by retired chief judge of the D.C. Court of Appeals, Eric T. Washington, who reflected on Mazzaferri’s career.

After his remarks, Judge Washington, on behalf of the D.C.Courts, declared a resolution in Mazzaferri’s honor, celebrating her leadership and professionalism, her achievements in introducing cutting-edge programs, her work to transform the D.C. Bar Pro Bono Center, and her successful efforts in growing the Bar’s membership from 35,000 members when she joined the Bar in 1982 to over 100,000 today.

Philip Lacovara, past president of the D.C. Bar (1988-1989) and Cynthia Hill, retiring chief programs officer of the D.C. Bar, also took time to offer their own words about Mazzaferri’s tremendous career. Hill highlighted Mazzaferri’s talents, praising her adaptability, her resolve and preparedness, her passion towards diversity and inclusion, her willingness to listen and engage others, and her overall vision for the Bar, all of which played a critical role in the organization’s success.

“Her strengths assured the Bar continuity, consistency, and focus amid changing priority, growth, challenges, and opportunities,” said Hill.

Mazzaferri thanked the Bar and the legal community, whom she considers family, and urged everyone to continue their service.

“I believe that the D.C. Bar is unique in that so many individuals are willing to give so much of themselves,” said Mazzaferri.