Bar, Fastcase Bring Members Free Access to New Document Collection of Superior Court Decisions

November 17, 2016

Fastcase logoThe D.C. Bar and Fastcase announced that all active and judicial members of the D.C. Bar will have access to officially published decisions of the D.C. Superior Court through the Fastcase online legal research library.

This free member benefit is unlimited—with no restrictions on time or number of transactions, unlimited printing, unlimited reference assistance and unlimited customer service. Members can access the new collection by logging in to Fastcase through the Bar’s website with their Bar username and password.

To get to the D.C. Superior Court Opinions a user would go to Search > Search Cases from the menu at the top. Select D.C. under Individual Jurisdictions. The last five jurisdictions searched will stay in the Recently Search Jurisdictions panel for easy access.  

During the Bar’s strategic planning process, members expressed interest in accessing decisions of the D.C. Superior Court. As a direct result, this new document collection was developed with the support and assistance of the D.C. Superior Court and through the D.C. Bar’s partnership with Fastcase. The collection initially will contain cases dating from 2013 to the present and will expand over time to include all cases approved for publication by the chief judge of the Superior Court.

The D.C. Bar is one of the nation’s largest unified bar associations. Its partnership with Fastcase reflects the Bar’s commitment to providing its members with outstanding services that enhance their practice.

“The D.C. Bar is excited to announce this new free resource for our members,” said Annamaria Steward, president of the D.C. Bar. “We listen to our members and strive to help them in their legal practices. This partnership with the Superior Court of the District of Columbia and Fastcase enables us to provide an extremely valuable and free asset to our members. We are delighted to provide another benefit to D.C. Bar membership.”

Members of the D.C. Bar have access to the full national law library through their Fastcase benefit, and they also enjoy Fastcase’s law library collection exclusive to D.C., which includes: D.C. Court of Appeals Rules, D.C. Superior Court Rules, Rules of Practice and Procedure (D.C. Office of Administrative Hearings Rules and Laws), Code of Ethics for OAH Administrative Law Judges, Formal opinions issued by the D.C. Corporation Counsel and D.C. Attorney General, D.C. Court of Appeals forms, OAH forms, Disciplinary system recommendations and actions, and D.C. Bar Ethics Opinions 210–369.

Bar members already enjoy free access to Fastcase’s online legal research library which includes opinions from the Supreme Court, Federal District Courts, Federal Circuits, U.S. District Courts and other federal and appellate courts, as well as a newspaper archive, legal forms and a one-stop PACER search of federal filings. The member benefit provides free access to Fastcase’s intuitive and smarter legal research tools, training webinars and tutorials, industry-leading mobile apps, and live customer support from members of the Fastcase team.

Headquartered in Washington, D.C., Fastcase is the nation’s fastest-growing and most popular legal research service. Many of the nation’s largest law firms and 27 state bar associations have subscribed to Fastcase. More than 800,000 lawyers currently have a subscription to Fastcase, many through their state and local bar association.

Fastcase has pioneered the smartest legal research tools in the market, with integrated citation analysis tools, data visualization maps of search results and the first legal research app for iPhone, iPad and Android devices. In the American Bar Association’s annual tech survey, users have ranked Fastcase the most popular smartphone app for lawyers every year, including in the 2015 survey. The service also includes Bad Law Bot, the first big data service to identify negative citations to judicial opinions.