Court of Appeals and D.C. Bar Launch New Online Member Applications

October 19, 2016

Team members from the D.C. Court of Appeals and the D.C. Bar celebrate the launch of DCCA’s online member application process. The District of Columbia Court of Appeals (DCCA), in collaboration with the D.C. Bar, is pleased to announce the launch of first phase of an online application process for applicants to the D.C. Bar. 

Phase I of the implementation began today. All applicants who seek to be admitted to the D.C. Bar by motion (that is, based on years of practice and/or bar exam score in another jurisdiction) will submit their application online. The DCCA and the D.C. Bar share the goal of improving the overall application experience for prospective bar applicants. The new system will utilize technology to reduce significantly the time it takes to fill out and file an application for admittance to the D.C. Bar, and for the Committee on Admissions staff to review it.

“The D.C. Court of Appeals and its Admissions staff are constantly striving to provide as streamlined and convenient a process as possible for those applying for admission to the D.C. Bar. This new online application process should be easier and more transparent for bar applicants and will allow our staff to process those applications more expeditiously. The bar examination is designed to be rigorous; submitting one’s application to become a member of the bar should not be,” said Chief Judge Eric T. Washington.  

Phase II (which is expected to launch early in 2017) will be for those applicants who seek admission by examination. 

“We have appreciated the opportunity to partner with the District of Columbia Court of Appeals to provide it with a technology solution that will aid in its admissions’ efforts. This new solution will benefit future members of the D.C. Bar by providing the most sophisticated online admissions process in the country,” said Annamaria Steward, president of the D.C. Bar.  

The online application links will be available on the DC Court of Appeals’ Committee on Admissions page.