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BOG Approves Strategic Plan Priorities Powered by 5,000+ Member Comments

June 11, 2015

Strategic Plan 2020 planning process graphicOn June 9 the D.C. Bar Board of Governors approved a set of priorities and objectives proposed by the Strategic Planning Committee charged with developing D.C. Bar 2020, the organization’s new strategic plan for the next five years.

The five priorities focus on the Bar’s vision of leading within the legal profession, empowering individuals, enhancing member value, providing public service and professional excellence, and fostering community and connections. The priorities were identified by the committee following a comprehensive environmental scan of the legal profession and extensive member engagement efforts.

To ensure that the priorities reflect the voices of all Bar members, the committee reached out to each of the Bar’s diverse membership groups. During the process, more than 2,500 members responded to four polls that targeted their thoughts on globalization, the effects of economic forces on the industry, where the Bar should focus its training efforts, and whether the Bar should play a role in organizing groups to discuss issues affecting the profession. In addition, 2,453 members completed a comprehensive survey, with nearly 1,200 of them providing further comments.

A total of 346 members participated in 21 small focus groups hosted by the Bar to facilitate in-depth discussion on the current state of the organization and its strategic priorities looking forward. The committee heard from government attorneys, contract attorneys, solo practitioners, resigned members, in-house counsel, active and inactive members, lawyers working overseas, judicial members, and attorneys from various experience and age groups.

The Board’s vote signals the end of the first two steps of Phase 1 of the D.C. Bar 2020 planning process. Moving forward, the Bar plans to complete Phase 1 by identifying the organizational implications of the priorities and objectives, as well as to identify its strategic goals, initiatives, and key performance indicators. Phases 2 through 4 will focus on executing, measuring, and evaluating the strategy.

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