Countdown to Communities: The Benefits

By Jeffery Leon

June 13, 2017

D.C. Bar Communities

On April 11 the D.C. Bar’s Board of Governors approved D.C. Bar Communities, an ambitious, new re-envisioning of the Sections experience. Communities represents a multi-year effort by the Bar to improve and streamline the Sections experience, working closely with Sections leaders and members to provide enhanced ways for members to connect, collaborate, and contribute. Here’s more about what Communities offers to members:


“In Communities, we want to provide the best experience for the best value,” says Timothy K. Webster, past D.C. Bar president.

Communities offers added value and savings across the board for members. A $79 dues fee for D.C. Bar members ($119 for non-Bar members) allows members to join up to three Communities, providing them an opportunity to explore different legal communities and to interact and connect with professionals they typically may not have a chance to meet in their daily work.

“This new structure allows members who are even casually interested in another area of law to join that community, and it won’t cost them more,” says D.C. Bar President Annamaria Steward. “It fosters more communication, connections, and learning.”

Access to three Communities offers a value of $165, and provides savings for Communities members who are currently members of multiple practice area groups.

Altogether, the total enhanced member benefits are valued at over $425.


“As we worked on the D.C. Bar 2020 strategic plan, what was clear to us was that our members wanted content, community, and connections, so we really wanted to focus on how to best deliver that,” says Steward.

By joining Communities, members will get access to two free on-demand CLE courses (up to 3.0 credit hours each)—a $198 value—tapping into the D.C. Bar’s award-winning CLE Program. Members can satisfy their CLE requirements or fulfill general educational interests. Additionally, members will receive a $25 discount on the yearly District of Columbia Practice Manual.


Communities also will be connected and future-proof, incorporating technology to complement and enhance members’ experiences. Members will have free remote access to Communities events in addition to free access to live events, a $40 value.

Also debuting in late fiscal year 2017–2018 for Communities will be an online platform where each community will have their own digital space to share information, connect with others, and continue the conversation outside of the Bar’s walls.

“We believe that Communities will be a main touchpoint between the D.C. Bar and its membership, bringing into the fold more members who otherwise would not have participated heavily in Bar activities,” says Webster.

Communities benefits will begin on July 1.

Next week, we explore how people can get involved with the D.C. Bar Communities.