Comments Requested on Candidates for Senior Judge Status

September 28, 2017

The D.C. Commission on Judicial Disabilities and Tenure is reviewing the qualifications and fitness of the following D.C. Superior Court Judges:

  • Judge Russell F. Canan 

  • Judge Cheryl M. Long 

  • Judge Joan Zeldon

And D.C. Court of Appeals Judge:

  • Frank Q. Nebeker

Judge Canan is retiring and is seeking a recommendation for an initial appointment as a senior judge. Judges Long, Nebeker, and Zeldon are seeking recommendations for reappointment as senior judges.

The Commission invites comments from the bench, bar, and the general public regarding the qualifications of the Judges to continue their judicial service. Comments may be submitted via email or in writing to the Commission’s office at 

515 Fifth Street, N.W.
Room 246
Washington, D.C. 20001

In addition, comments may be submitted by an online survey available on the Commission’s website, or by using the direct link for Judges Canan, Long, and Zeldon, and the direct link for Judge Nebeker.

All comments must be received by Monday, October 30. The identity of any person submitting comments will be kept confidential, unless the commenter authorizes the disclosure of his or her name.

Contact the Commission’s Executive Director, Cathaee J. Hudgins for more information, or to request a hard copy of the survey, by email or by phone at 202-727-1363.