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CLE Program Hosts First Class in New HQ

February 16, 2018

CLE Class in New HQ

On Thursday, February 15, the D.C. Bar Continuing Legal Education Program hosted its first course in the Bar’s new headquarters! The more than 40 people who signed up for the in-person class or webinar of “It Didn't Happen at Work: Can They Fire Me Anyway?” were treated to a great discussion on how much their social media posts can affect their jobs, while enjoying the new space.

“I walked in to the classroom, allowed myself to stare in awe like a kid in a candy store, and then asked out loud if they would mind if I moved in,” said speaker Diane A. Seltzer Torre of the Seltzer Law Firm.

“The space is breathtaking without being imposing, which is ideal for CLE faculty. To be able to teach in a state-of-the-art room that is aesthetically beautiful and comfortable and has great acoustics, climate control, and lighting, truly made for a wonderful experience,” she continued. “It’s great to know your audience can hear and see you well and aren’t distracted by issues with the physical space. And as members explore the new building and spend more time there, I anticipate much pre-class socializing on the rooftop deck!”