Superior Court Reestablishes CJA Panel of Attorneys

May 29, 2014

On May 23 the Superior Court of the District of Columbia issued an order reestablishing the Criminal Justice Act (CJA) Panel of attorneys.

The act is the result of a 2010 administrative order requiring the unification and reconstitution of the CJA Panel and a reestablishment of it every four years. A 2013 administrative order required reestablishment of the panel, after which attorneys seeking to become or remain members of the panel were to file applications with the court.

Applications were evaluated by the CJA Panel Implementation Committee and the recommended names of attorneys were sent to the chief judge of the court.

The committee also was required to consider the size of the panel, which consisted of 309 attorneys, both full and provisional, prior to the current reestablishment. Based on the needs of the court and its current case filings, the committee recommended, and the court agreed, that the panel consists of 200 full members. In addition, the committee recommended that the addition of provisional members to the panel continue, regardless of the number of attorneys on the panel.

The CJA Panel’s full members are appointed for a period of four years, at which time they must submit an application for reappointment, while the 17 provisional members are appointed for a two-year term during which time they must apply to be a full member.

To see the full court order and the names of all CJA Panel members, visit