Get Your Family Prepped for School With These 6 Tips

August 25, 2017

Back to school

Law school may prepare you to write briefs and think analytically, but it won’t help you as a parent understand the fast change of pace from summer to school. There are meals to pack, books to buy, lessons to plan, and after-school activities to plot.

In preparation for the upcoming year, the D.C. Bar’s Lawyer Assistance Program has some helpful hints for your family as you get into the groove of a new school year.

• Take a moment with your child and reflect on the happiest moments of the past few months. What were some of your favorite summer adventures? What activities would you want to include next summer? 

• Practice going through the steps of how the first days of school will go by visiting the bus stop or stopping by the school. 

• Help your children create the habit of packing their backpacks the night before each school day. Start this habit from day one. 

• During the preceding weeks of school, begin waking children up earlier, in increments of 10 minutes to help them adjust to the new morning schedule.

School already in session? This advice may smooth out the transition from summer to school routines.

• Be aware that your child may have worries or anxiety about meeting new teachers and children. Big emotions may show themselves in response to “small” incidents at home. Be prepared to create some quiet time to listen to your child’s worries and be mindful of the need for additional patience as your children make the transition back to school. 

• Help your child to set goals for the school year and then help them create a plan with action steps to help them reach their goal. Write this together so you can refer back to it throughout the year.