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Important Reminder on Mandatory Course Requirement for New Bar Members

August 5, 2019

New members of the District of Columbia Bar are reminded that they have 12 months from the month of admission to complete the required Mandatory Course on the D.C. Rules of Professional Conduct and District of Columbia Practice offered by the D.C. Bar Continuing Legal Education Program.

D.C. Bar members who have been inactive, retired, or voluntarily resigned for five years or more also are required to complete the course if they are seeking to switch or be reinstated to active member status. In addition, members who have been suspended for five years or more for nonpayment of license fees or late fees are required to take the course to be reinstated.

New members who do not complete the Mandatory Course requirement within 12 months of admission receive a noncompliance notice and a final 60-day grace period in which to comply. After that date, the Bar administratively suspends individuals who have not completed the Course and forwards their names to the clerks of the D.C. Court of Appeals and D.C. Superior Court, and to the Office of Disciplinary Counsel.

Suspensions become a permanent part of members’ records. To be reinstated, one must complete the course and pay a reinstatement fee.

The course is offered on-demand online. The course also is offered in person twice a year and coincides with the in-person swearing in of new members by the D.C. Court of Appeals.

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