Tax Law Experts, IRS and Treasury Officials to Gather for D.C. Bar’s 2019 All-Day Tax Conference

By Jeffery Leon

December 6, 2018

Scott Levine

On January 10, join the D.C. Bar for its 2019 Tax Legislative and Regulatory Update Conference, a must-attend event for tax professionals to receive a comprehensive explanation of the latest tax developments.

The all-day conference will feature panelists from private firms, in-house professionals, members of think tanks, academics, and, most importantly, Treasury and IRS officials who will share their insights on the still new tax laws and their related, hot-off-the-press regulatory rules.

“The event will bring out the top people in the tax world,” says Scott Levine, a partner at Jones Day and conference chair. “What makes this conference unique is that by being in D.C., we have the trifecta of the location, the availability of government speakers who in many cases are drafting the relevant regulations, and the ability to go into a technical analysis deeper than most other events around the country.”

The program features breakout sessions focusing on recent developments on a host of topics in the areas of international, corporate, partnership, individual, tax exempt, and compensation and benefits taxation post-Tax Cuts and Jobs Act.

Levine says this is a unique opportunity for attendees to engage with government officials shortly after the convening of the new Congress on January 3, and to explore what these changes mean for both the existing tax law and any potentially new legislation percolating within the halls of Congress.

The conference is sponsored by the D.C. Bar Taxation Community and the Georgetown University Law Center. D.C. Bar membership is not required to attend.

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