Our New Home

Building Community

Why is building a new headquarters such an important project for the D.C. Bar? Watch President Tim Webster speak about the benefits a new D.C. Bar home will bring to all of our members in the District and around the world.

In Our Own Words

Throughout the comprehensive planning process, Bar leadership has worked to ensure that the members' and the Bar's continued success remains the central focus of the project. The new headquarters will provide our members resources to help them survive and prosper in a changing business landscape. Watch our leaders describe steps in the process that will take the Bar from a building concept to a building launch.

In addition, get in-depth interviews with the Building Development Project Team from the February 2016 Washington Lawyer.  

Katherine Mazzaferri building video screenshot
Katherine A. Mazzaferri
CEO, D.C. Bar
  Katherine Mazzaferri building quote
Brigid Benitez Building video screenshot
Brigida Benitez
D.C. Bar Board of Governors
 Brigid Benitez Building quote 
Bridget Bailey Lipscomb building video screenshot
Bridget Bailey Lipscomb
D.C. Bar Building Advisory Task Force
 Bridget Bailey Lipscomb Quote 
Annamaria Steward
D.C. Bar President-Elect


Bonnie Montgomery
D.C. Bar Building Advisory Task Force