Youth Law Fair Past Events

2000: Know Your Rights: Learn the Law, Speak Your Mind

2001: The Effects of Pop Culture on Teen Violence: Is the Law Really What You See on TV and in the Movies?

2002: Profiling: Are You a Target? Have You Been Stereotyped?

2003: The Dangers of Intolerance: How Hatred Leads to Crime

2004: Gang Violence

2005: Risky Business: Reckless Driving

2006: Drugs, Alcohol, Truancy

2007: Internet Vulnerability: Teens and Risk

2008: Internet Issues: Dangers of Social Networking and Blogs

2009: OMG!! Can U Say That? IDK

2010: Teen Dating Violence

2011: Cyberbullying

2012: Privacy Awareness: Managing Social Media Networks


2014: Stand Tall Against Alcohol and K2