2006 Youth Law Fair

Several hundred D.C. area youth turned out for the 2006 Youth Law Fair. This year’s theme, "Drugs, Alcohol and Truancy," highlighted the risky behavior often associated with skipping school, as well as the legal consequences of cutting class. Held on Saturday, March 18, students started the day with courtroom tours and a youth "speak out" session. Afterward, with help from D.C. Superior Court judges and volunteer attorneys, students participated in criminal mock trials, serving as jurors, judges and attorneys. Lunch was provided, and the all-day event ended with a raffle drawing, including tickets to see the Wizards, the Nationals and local concerts.

Now in its seventh year, the Youth Law Fair is an annual community outreach educational event organized by the Litigation Section. Since its inception in 2000 by the D.C. Affairs Section, the Fair has reached nearly 1,500 area youth.

Youth Law Fair organizers have always endeavored to identify themes that resonate with D.C. youth, and to find ways to engage them in an active dialogue addressing the issues relevant to their lives. The Youth Law Fair aims at achieving the following:

  • Teach District youth about their rights, responsibilities, and the justice system;
  • Encourage District youth to form and voice opinions about important legal and social issues; and
  • Empower District youth to believe that they too can pursue careers in the justice community.

The event has enjoyed the support and cooperation of a number of local organizations, including:

  • Several D.C. Bar sections;
  • D.C. public schools, courts and government agencies;
  • D.C. law schools; and
  • Various corporate and non-profit sponsors.

For information about the 2006 Youth Law Fair, please contact the D.C. Bar Sections Office at 202-626-3463.